DECAF Chocolate Cherry Amaretto Duel of Fates 12 oz


It was a dreary night, and Merlin needed rest... He saw a castle in the distance and made his way towards it. Greeting him was a Chocolate Cherry Amaretto ghoul of flavor. Oh no! The ghoul demanded a duel with the famous wizard.... Merlin's power was far superior, so he agreed. They stood back to back, took ten paces in the opposite direction... AND FIRED!! Instead of taking the ghoul's life, Merlin placed a coffee cup in the center of the bridge, captured all the yummy flavor, and demanded the ghoul try it. WOW, Such a great-tasting cup! They decided to be friends and still create flavored coffee together today. They famously dubbed it, The Chocolate Cherry Amaretto Duel of Fate! Try some today :)