Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 12oz


This medium roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is harvested at an elevation of 5200-6400 ft. When sipping, expect cupping notes of Lemon, Peach, Tangerines, and Berries. Ethiopia is likely the birthplace of coffee. Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi was out in his fields when all of a sudden, his goats began jumping around, excited. Kaldi noticed a small shrub with red berries was the source of their excitement... He tried the berries, which happened to be coffee, and felt great! Later he took them to a group of monks, who disregarded the coffee cherries by throwing them in a fire. Legend has it, once in the fire, a lovely aroma wafted in the air, and Earth's coffee obsession began! Although, MAYBE... Just maybe... there is another origin story where a wizard and his stork populated Earth with their coffee beans, bringing happiness to all! This may or may have not happened on your planet, but rest assured it has occurred somewhere in the Multiverse!