Golden Kona Treasure 12oz


Let's be honest...When you think of coffee excellence. One name should come to mind...You guessed it... KONA. Known as one of the most expensive coffees globally, it stands out from the competition. Located in Hawaii's North and South Kona districts, weather conditions set everything up for perfection. Sunny mornings, paired with just the right amount of rain. Wind coming off the Pacific Ocean, breezy calm nights, and porous, mineral-dense volcanic soil make this the ideal location for the perfect coffee. Merlin has been all over the Multiverse; Kona is simply the best. He keeps his Kona locked away in a vault so he can sprinkle it with a little bit of magic. Merlin's Munchies Coffee Companies Kona is one of the smoothest, most satisfying cups of coffee you will ever have. Treat yourself today. You won't regret it!