Is There a Parallel Universe Bleeding into Ours?  NASA Think's it's a Possibility!

Parallel Universes

If you love wizards, then you’re probably intrigued by science fiction. Chances are, you’ve sat around a table with friends and debated your favorite shows. The Twilight Zone, Dark Matter, The Flash and Fringe will make anyone question the fabric of our reality. Are we finally crossing the line where science fiction becomes a science fact? Pull up a chair and brew a cup of your favorite Merlin’s Munchies Coffee, because things are about to get weird…

Have NASA Scientists Just Discovered a Parallel Universe Where Time Runs In Reverse?

Wait. What?! Marty McFly? In order to get into the nitty-gritty, let’s jump in our time machine and travel back to... No not 1955! 2016. Antarctica. The folks over at NASA have been running experiments in this “ice desert” for decades. However, few are as mind-bending as this one. The New York Post reported in 2020 about these anomalies. According to the article, the experts used a giant balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, or ANITA to the top of our atmosphere, in a cosmic ray detection experiment. Shockingly, it is possible that they found particles “from a parallel realm that was simultaneously born out of antimatter during the Big Bang”. We’ll get into this in a second. For now, let’s sip our coffee and discuss ANITA...

The Experiment


For one month at a time, Peter Gorham and his colleagues would watch ANITA hover high above the Antarctic skies. This amazing machine traveled nearly 4 times higher than a commercial airplane flight. Attached to it is an assortment of antennas that look for particles from cosmic rays. Cosmic rays have millions of times more energy than anything humans have created and they can come from the furthest parts of our Universe. However, since Earth has a strong magnetic field, the trajectory of these waves gets distorted. This makes it impossible to know where they actually came from!

Fortunately, located in them, is an extremely small subatomic particle, known as a neutrino. Neutrinos have no electric charge, therefore they are unswayed by magnetic fields. According to Newscientist, because high energy neutrinos have no charge, when they come down from space, they do so in a straight line. As a result, scientists are able to backtrack where the cosmic waves originated when neutrinos fall into the thick, Antarctic ice. This is where ANITA comes in. It measures where these subatomic neutrinos land on Earth and then reverse engineers its trajectory to find its origins in the cosmos. Pretty cool, right?

After analyzing ANITA’s first trip, Peter and his crew found nothing of interest, besides a strange flash of background noise. They didn’t think much of it at the time. The second trip took place 1 year later and yielded the same results, the same odd noise. After the third time, ANITA was in the air, NASA decided to review the noise more carefully. The results were shocking. I promised you weirdness. Ok. Drumroll please… "You have now entered, The Twilight Zone”. Instead of these cosmic waves falling DOWN from space, ANITA picked them up coming UP from the ground. These things are supposed to come from space, not underneath our planet!



Scientists came out with one possible explanation. According to the article from Newscientist, there are 3 types of neutrinos and none of them are able to pierce through the land. In order for this theory to make sense, it would have had to do just that. It would have had to go through the land, sit for a little, and then, “explode up”. On occasion, it is possible for one of the neutrinos, known as a Tau Neutrino to transform into another particle, known as a Tau Lepton prior to taking its original form on its path down from space. If you are familiar with X-Men, think of this as the subatomic particle version of Nightcrawler! It can teleport through the Earth and then pop out from the other side.

Now, if you are thinking this is a load of hogwash, I don’t blame you. I thought the same thing when I first read about it. It just seems so implausible that something like this could happen. This goes against everything we know about physics!

Nevertheless, there are some scientists who think this might be accurate. Jim Al-Khalili, a theoretical physicist from the University of Surrey told Newscientist, “It is such an extraordinary claim that it really does require extraordinary evidence".

ANITA isn’t the only experiment to have made this discovery either....The IceCube ("YAAEH YAAEH!!!") Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica also found neutrinos coming up from the Earth, as opposed to falling down from space. While this was possible, ANITA's team leader Peter Gorham STILL thought this was extremely unlikely.

However, things got harder to explain when the same type of “massive burst” came from the ground again in 2018. NASA hired Derek Fox and his crew from Pennsylvania State University for clarification. According to Derek's findings, the odds of a Tau Neutrino shape-shifting and causing the same type of explosion from the ground came in at 1 million to 1. Mr. Goren was quoted saying, “Now we’re out of easy explanations”. After much debate within the scientific community, the conclusion was that this finding defied physics as we know it. Whenever things get crazy. We can always call on the “Sheldon Coopers” of the world.... BAZINGA!

Let’s Talk Theoretical Physics!

You know in baseball when you're in a tough spot and the manager needs to bring his best left-handed pitcher out of the dugout to save the day? He taps his left shoulder, which insinuates, “Bring in the lefty”! Well, we’re in a tough pinch. The game’s almost over and we're out of options. Sooooo….Bring in the theoretical physicist! (que left shoulder tap)

It is possible that Neil Turok, a theoretical physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo Canada could have an answer to ANITA’s mystery. Mr. Turok has studied the Big Bang and the events that occurred directly after the massive explosion took place. As we know, with every “why”? There better be a sensible, “How”. Turok may have just that;

To help understand this, we can look at what is known in physics as, “Symmetry”. Turok and his team were particularly interested in what is called, CPT Symmetry. This theory states that when the Universe “banged”, there should have been equal amounts of matter and antimatter that burst out.

Here’s the thing...Antimatter technically has a mass, however, it is made up of everything opposite of matter. The scary part about antimatter is, that if it comes in contact with matter, they instantly destroy each other.

Because matter and antimatter disintegrate the second they come in contact with one another. Shouldn’t that mean, that when the big bang occurred with a 50% matter/antimatter split, there shouldn't have even been a “bang” in the first place? You could make the argument that the instant the explosion happened, matter and antimatter should have canceled each other out. The Big Bang should have “eaten itself” before it was even hungry!

The fact there are planets, stars, and everything in between in our Universe is a miracle unto itself. So what does CPT Symmetry have to do with this? According to Turok, When the Big Bang Singularity occurred, there were two universes created at the same time. Most of the matter “funneled” into one Universe and most of the antimatter funneled into another. They both exploded in the opposite direction, thus creating a parallel “mirror” universe. The exact same as our universe, but in reverse.


According to Turok, This means that in the Anti-Verse everything would be, “upside down and back to front” Where our Universe is moving away from the Big Bang, the Anti-Verse would be moving towards it. Makes you wonder if we’re on a round-robin and eventually there will be another big bang or is it the same Big Bang because time is not linear? Or are these bangs continuously happening, triggering infinite Multiverses? Ok, now I’ve confused myself!..... This not The Flash... It's real life... Kind of? Maybe?... (Shoulder shrug)

Let’s go back to ANITA and tie it all together!

Remember those little subatomic neutrino particles ANITA caught, that put us in this mess in the first place? Good! According to the Newscientist Turok and his team know that neutrinos spin to the left. True to their name, they are known as, “left-spinning neutrinos”

These subatomic particles are a key part of the makeup of the fabric of our Universe. Physicists that study CPT Symmetry have theorized about a “right spinning” neutrino that must have occurred at the point of singularity in the Big Bang. Since there was a 50/50 split of matter and antimatter, this means a 50/50 split of left and right neutrinos.

Our Universe is made up of Electrons. Let’s think of these as left-spinning neutrinos. The antimatter version of the electron is called a positron. These would be the Anti-Verse’s building blocks. They would be made up of right-spinning neutrinos. The New Scientist reported that when the mass fell into (or up from) the Arctic was turned just right, it matched up to the (at one point) fictitious right-handed neutrino. Turok said, “We couldn’t believe it, the right-handed neutrino just dropped out of the sky as a dark matter candidate”.

This find is monumental in many ways! If Turok and his team are correct, this would validate CPT Symmetry and the existence of a parallel universe. This also opens up endless possibilities for other dimensions as well!

This theory was put forward by physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in the 1930s, and has since been supported by other scientists including Stephen Hawking. In recent years, there has been growing evidence to suggest that our Universe is just one of many parallel universes.

To wrap things up another theoretical physicist named Luis Anchordoqui at the City University of New York suggested that these right-handed neutrinos have been collected by the gravity of our magnetic field over millions of years and now lay deep inside our Earth. This could be as mind-bending as a parallel Universe seeping up into ours, or is it down? Who knows!!!! All we do know is, that the Universe is full of fun mysteries and we at Merlin’s Munchies Coffee Company love them all! Don’t quote me, but the answer might very well be an awesome time-traveling wizard, who’s disturbing the “force” because his flavors are simply too powerful!

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Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope it was as informative AND fun!


Written by michael palma
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